About Us: Origin Story

Welcome to Wickedly Wonderful! This is a place where I encourage you to embrace your dark side, celebrate the weird, and unleash your magic. It all started when I began my own journey to find myself. My 30s got here and I realized that I really didn’t know my true self. I felt like a product of my surroundings. I was a jeans and tshirt type of girl because it was a simple fashion rule to follow but I never felt like what I was wearing reflected how I felt on the inside. Shopping was actually the worst! I tried to blame my body but the truth was that the clothes I was picking out  didn’t work for me because they were boring and I am not a boring person! The other road block I felt with my fashion was how others would judge my new style. Would they think Im weird? Insecure? Glutton for attention? Insane!? Would they try to label me or would I fall into a stereotype? Each time I tried something new in my wardrobe all of these questions plagued me until I would push the item to the back of my closest or not even purchase in the first place. 

I remember that my first major, this is out of my normal wheel house type purchase was actually a gift from my father for my 31st birthday. Money was more than tight for my little family and I knew that I would never spend the money on myself so I asked him. I had become enamored by the bohemian wrap skirts and how versatile they could be in a wardrobe. The fact that they were upcycled from the beautiful saris of India just made me even more excited to incorporate them into my style. Their arrival was like Christmas to me but I wasn’t confident styling them and although I wore them a few times, they were quickly pushed to the back of the closet with the rest of the stuff that I didn’t know how to wear. 

It wasn’t until I quit my job in a conservative office and started working in the exciting world of tech before I truly felt like I could even be myself! Less than a month into the job, I had green hair, a nose ring, and a sleeve tattoo. My outer image finally started reflecting how I felt on the inside. Experimenting with different clothes, makeup, and accessories became fun and my confidence soared in all aspects of my life. Of course I had to deal with the occasional weird glances in public and my 12 year nephew annoyingly calling me “emo” once but more often than not, people seemed to appreciate my style. Strangers stopping me in public to tell me they liked my outfit or my vibe became such a common occurrence that my daughters teased me and told me that I can never feel insecure again!

I am still a plus-sized woman. I  have pale skin and stretch marks. Things hang and jiggle. All of these used to be the reasons for not loving my body, but when I adorned my body in beautiful clothes and fabulous accessories, I began to love my body. For if decorations can make a temple look this good, then the temple itself must be glorious. 

The kindness of strangers was the ultimate motivator that led me to create Wickedly Wonderful. I wanted to share the kind of finds that it seemed to get the most compliments in public but it grew into a mission to also help others find their own unique style that unleashes their own magic. On this journey I have discovered that a personalized fashion is like a recipe. I’m 2 part witchy, 1 part sultry vixen, with a dash of boho most days but homely gardener, confident professional, and sexy librarian get mixed in too. That is how the different curated collections were born! Each collection features items I have found or created that fit the general vibe and athestic. You wardrobe should be fluid and evolve with you so you might see items in multiple collections. I did this in effort to display that pieces can be used in multiple ways to create different vibes. Lastly, a wardrobe and style aren’t complete without accessories and even items for the spaces around you, so I try to find items that compliment the collection’s vibe. 

  My hopes aren’t that you emulate me but that what you find here inspires you to stretch outside of your comfort zone and find that wilder version of yourself. I want you to be fearless in your fashion. Find safety in the insane. Discover what you keep hidden from the world (your dark side) and let it shine!